This loan is given against the logbook for cars that are in good and serviceable conditions.
Anyone who owns a private, commercial or passenger service vehicle qualifies for a logbook loan.


  • Original Logbook

  • KRA Pin of Applicant

  • National ID of Applicant

  • 2 Passport Photos

  • 6 Months Bank Statements

  • Comprehensive Insurance Certificate

Jowyn Credit Limited - Logbook Loans

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Jowyn Credit Ltd targets importers of second-hand motor vehicles (i.e. individuals and dealers. We execute the confirmation of the duty payable by our clearing agent fast and we have a simple process for arranging this financing.
We finance 100% of calculated duties and taxes as per KRA’s guidelines.
The security for the facility is the motor vehicle.


  • Original Bill of lading.

  • Invoice for the motor vehicle.

  • Import Declaration Form (IDF).

  • English Japanese logbook

  • Copy of the PIN and ID of the importer.

Import Duty Financing - Jowyn Credit Limited

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Do you have an emergency or an urgent need for cash before your next payday? Our Salary Advance Product shall sort your need now.
We finance employees of reputable companies with evidence of salary payment for the last six months.
The loans are payable in a month.
The facility can be used to fund emergencies such as school fees, hospital bills, wedding expenses, funeral expenses, court fines, etc.
It is easy to apply and approval is granted within 1 hour.


  • Latest three months payslips.

  • Latest six months bank statements for the applicant’s salary account.

  • Post-dated cheques drawn from the Salary account.

Salary Advance - Jowyn Credit Limited Kenya

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  • Bank statements for 6 months (certified)

  • KRA Pin & ID copy of applicant

  • Copy of Logbook

  • 2 passport photos

  • Sale Agreement

  • Proforma Invoice

Asset Financing - Jowyn Credit Limited Nairobi

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Insurance Premium Finance is a short-term loan product designed to facilitate the financing of insurance premiums. This is given against the customer’s insurance premium bill for a maximum of 10 months with a minimum finance of KES. 20,000.

The IPF loan involves a tripartite agreement between the customer, the insurance company (guarantor) and financier (Jowyn Credit Ltd)


  • Duly completed application form which includes the IPF agreement

  • Copy of National ID/PIN for individual applicants

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Registration for business borrowers

  • Company PIN

  • Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association, Partnership deed or other constitutive documents as per registered entity type for corporate entities

Insurance Premium Finance Jowyn Credit Limited Kenya

Board Resolution to borrow for Corporates

Fees & Rates

Nil commitment fees
The rate of interest is 4.0% above the Central bank rate (CBR) pa. The IPF card rate from this rate ranges between 1.75% to 5.30% for the period from 4 to 10 months

  • Finance up to 100% of the premium amount

  • Minimum repayment tenor of 4 months and a maximum of 10 months

  • Repayments are via equal monthly installments (EMIs), payable through post-dated cheques, and standing orders

  • Minimum financing of KES 20,000

  • Lifts the burden of lump sum insurance premium payment

  • Enhances business cash flow management

  • Immediate access to annual insurance cover

  • Flexible repayment periods for the insurance premium

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This loan product from Jowyn Credit Limited is open to all Civil Servants, for all those under Public service commission and Teachers Service commission. We have a 3 hours turnaround time for this loan product.


  • Be a civil Servant

  • Be under Public service commission

  • Or under Teachers Service commission

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